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ArgoCD for K8s webinar
On demand Webinar

ArgoCD for K8s Done Right

Join us as we simplify the Git Ops Challenge and deep dive into the right way to implement GitHub’s ArgoCD for Kubernetes.

58 Min

Webinar: ArgoCD for K8s

The Panel

Nir Shtein

Software Engineer, Komodor

Assaf Yacobi

Sr. Director of DevOps, Opsfleet

This webinar is best for:

  • Kubernetes Users

In this webinar, our real stone players will point to the decisions and different approaches you can take to setting up ArgoCD when migrating to GitHubs. We’ll not only outline how and what to do, but also what not to do!

What You'll learn:

  • Core concepts: GitOps and the different projects under the Argo projects

  • An alternative approach to ArgoCD

  • The different approaches when setting up your Infra

  • Stuff to do before you start working with ArgoCD and a quick demo

  • An application life cycle: How an application usually grows

  • The decisions to make when an application starts

  • Turning chaos into clarity: A Komodor demo

Webinar: ArgoCD for K8s