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From traditional businesses to born-to-the-cloud startups facing the challenges of expansion and scale, we’ve been helping global leaders cross-industry master their cloud journey.

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Opsfleet Helps CodiumAI Migrate Their Research Environment from Google Cloud to AWS with Minimal Disruptions

Codium was using the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for all their research-related workloads and were worried about being pigeon-holed to one provider. They were motivated to migrate to AWS.

Opsfleet Helps Migrate to Kubernetes and Simplify Their Development Process

As the company grew and started onboarding its first enterprise clients, the team realized that the existing EC2-based infrastructure didn’t meet the demands of large enterprise clients who expect high availability and production-grade reliability from their 3rd party software providers.

Opsfleet Helps BigPanda Migrate to Kubernetes and Simplify Their Development Process

The case study highlights the challenges BigPanda faced when attempting to make the switch on their own, why they chose Opsfleet, and how Opsfleet improved their development process and leveled up their expertise in Kubernetes.

How Opsfleet's DevOps-as-a-Service Helped Konnecto Scale and Improve Their Infrastructure

Konnecto, a startup in the consumer intelligence space, experienced a backlog of infrastructure and DevOps tasks as the company and product grew. While considering hiring an in-house DevOps engineer, the team faced challenges finding qualified candidates within budget.

Opsfleet Helps Axis Security Overcome DevOps Hiring Challenges and Delivers Infrastructure Success

Learn how Axis Security, a growing SaaS startup with a mix of cloud and on-prem components, overcame the challenge of hiring experienced DevOps engineers by working with Opsfleet.

Transforming Event Planning with Bizzabo: A Success Story

In this case study, you'll learn how we helped Bizzabo modernize their infrastructure by migrating their production and development environments to Kubernetes.

Codefresh doubles deployment of microservices with Kubernetes migration

Codefresh, a continuous integration and delivery platform built for Docker, needed to keep up with the rapidly changing market for development tools and best practices.

Migrating to Kubernetes for Scalability and Flexibility

Optibus, a SaaS platform that plans and schedules mass-transportation through AI and optimization algorithms, faced challenges in scaling their CPU-intensive system due to cumbersome scaling cycles and custom Python code.

How Kubernetes Rescued Avantis' Uprise Project and Increased Productivity by 30%

Avantis, a technology company that provides monetization infrastructure for software developers, invested in an internal innovation project, Uprise, to build a user-friendly, riskless, and performance-based advertising product for businesses.