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You're Moving So Fast That Switching To Kubernetes Feels Like Changing A Tire While Driving

Leading development in a fast-growing startup is never easy—you operate under constant pressure to release new features quickly while context switching between development and putting out fires.

You know that Kubernetes can make your team more efficient, help you save on costs, and unlock multicloud support for your product, but you also know that you don’t have the resources to lead a successful and interruption-free migration to Kubernetes. So you wait…

Tired Of Learning On The Job Or Working With Flaky Freelancers?

Hiring good people is hard, and you’re lucky if you can find someone with Kubernetes experience whom you can trust.

Assigning someone from your existing development team to learn Kubernetes on the job isn’t ideal either—it can slow down development and be risky. The fewer risks you take in this process the better because the Kubernetes decisions you make now will affect your product’s future stability.

Meet Your In-House Kubernetes Experts

We are a small team of Kubernetes experts with 30+ years of combined experience helping startups to stop worrying about infrastructure and concentrate on growth.

We Partner

We don’t sell people per hour or do outsourcing. We partner with you and price for results.

Small Dedicated Team

We have a small team, and we don’t work on many projects simultaneously. You’ll get our full attention, and we’ll always tell you if we aren’t a good fit.

100% Success Rate

We are trustworthy. Can we brag that we have a 100% success rate in all of our migration projects?​

Leonid Mirsky

Founder & CTO, Opsfleet

Our Process

We've Got A Bulletproof Process To Help Your Team Successfully Adopt Kubernetes

WEEK 1 : Kickoff

Verify architecture and access

WEEK 2-5 : CI/CD

Containerize your applications

Adjust your CI/CD pipelines

WEEK 5-10 : Dev

Package your applications for dep loyment

Prepare development infrastructure

Train and onboard the development team

WEEK 10-20 : Prod

Prepare separate production infrastructure

Assist in functional and stress tests

Migrate services one by one

Jump Over Your Infrastructure’s Technical Debt

Get Results Fast

We assign two engineers to any migration project to ensure fast delivery and project continuity. You will see results within the first month of working with us. Guaranteed.​

Avoid Service Interruptions​

We start from development environments, and we offer training to minimize risk, gradually switching production traffic when everyone is comfortable with the new tools.

Stop Worrying About Your Team’s Capacity

You don’t need to slow down your development—we’ll manage the migration for you and will involve your team only when necessary.

Get Support After The Migration Is Over

Some teams may need more time to learn and adjust. We can stay longer and provide support, including 24/7 on-call availability if necessary.

What Our Customers Say

Eitan Gur

VP R&D, Healthy.io

“We had stability issues in our deployment and build automation—we weren’t sure that each deployment would succeed. Opsfleet helped us solve our deployment problems by cleanly migrating our environment to Docker and Kubernetes.”

Boaz Katz

Cofounder & CTO, Bizzabo

“After the migration project, we could update our uptime SLA from 99.95% to 99.98%. We saved around 30% in immediate cost reduction and could handle more than double the traffic on the same cost.”

Eitan Yanovsky

Cofounder & CTO, Optibus

“Opsfleet addressed my concerns, helping us devise a plan to teach the team members and involve them in the work so they would gain the hands-on experience needed to operate the new system in the future.”

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