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Shift to Graviton Instances Seamlessly

Our Graviton migration service helps DevOps teams migrate AWS applications to run on top of Graviton Instances, in the smoothest way possible.
Reduce EC2 costs by up to 40% and improve application performance.

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Migration from EC2 to Graviton Instances

Migration Assessment & Planning

We collaborate with your technical leads to plan and strategize the migration process.


We map which applications are to be migrated and in which phase, and lay out a detailed migration plan with clear priorities.

Migration Execution - Phase I

Our team of experts will execute the Graviton Migration plan while you sit back and relax.
With Opsfleet, you don't need to rewrite any application code to support Graviton, we mostly do it ourselves.
We also identify the dependencies that need to be modified and perform those changes, including tests to validate functionality.

Migration Execution - Phase II

In this phase we add Graviton node groups to the infrastructure.
After successfully executing sanity and regression tests on a testing environment, we then move on to deploying the updates in the production environment.

Customer Success Story

Pattern migrated its EKS applications to Graviton Instances and achieved better performance with lower costs.

Learn how the team at easily migrated to AWS Graviton using Opsfleet team of Graviton Specialists.
Bria reduced their EC2 costs, improved application performance, with absolutely zero effort.

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Why Opsfleet

Benefits of Graviton Migration Service

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Quick Turnaround

Our DevOps Specialists have performed dozens of complex Graviton migrations and have completely mastered the process.
When you select Opsfleet, expect to have your AWS applications running on Graviton Instances in no-time.

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No effort required

The best part of Opsfleet Graviton migration service is that you and your team don't need to invest any resources in executing the migration.
Our engineers own the entire process from A to Z so you can focus your time on other urgent projects.

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Executed by Domain Experts

Our team has solved and documented many of the day to day problems and challenges cloud engineering teams face when shifting to Graviton.

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Improved Performance for less cost

When you switch your applications to run on Graviton Instances you benefit from increased compute performance and up to 40% discount on your EC2 costs.

The opsfleet experience

Why Work With Us?

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Access Top DevOps Specialists

Our team are experienced engineers who live an breathe the cloud eco-system, so you can deliver any DevOps project at any scale.

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Dedicated to your success

Your success in delivering projects at the highest standard is our rocket fuel.
Every engineer is devoted to your objectives and will make you feel like he's a part of the team.

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Deliver DevOps projects faster

We've developed dedicated automations and internal tools so that we never start a new project from scratch.
Our experience and processes enable faster onboarding and project execution.

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Cross-industry Expertise

Opsfleet completed many projects in various industries.
We've developed unique cloud expertise in the realms of FinTech, Healthcare, AI, AdTech, and more.

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Modernize your AWS Architecture with Graviton Instances

Contact our DevOps specialists today and learn how Opsfleet can help you easily shift your applications to run on Graviton.

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