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Accelerate Every Step of Your Cloud Migration and Modernization Journey

From lifting and shifting workloads to the cloud for the very first time to migrating infrastructure from one cloud provider to another, Opsfleet provides the services startup teams need for a successful cloud migration.

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Why Migrate?

Reasons Your Startup Should Migrate

You’ve Found a Better Fit

You want to migrate part of your infrastructure to another cloud provider that offers better quality or a better fit your specific workload types. For example, migrating from AWS to GCP to utilize specific data services like BigQuery.

Cost Reduction Opportunities

You want to reduce your IT infrastructure costs, and know that by migrating your data and digital processes to the cloud, your startup can achieve huge cost, operations and productivity benefits.

You Require a Disaster Recovery Plan

You’re preparing for a disaster scenario where you’d need to migrate your operations to another cloud provider quickly, perhaps having a high availability setup across multiple cloud providers.

Modernization Efforts

You’re not running on the cloud at all and want to migrate your on-prem infrastructure to the cloud to gain speed and agility common to modern architecture, without causing downtime or losing any of your legacy data systems in the process.

The Specifics

Where Can Opsfleet Help?

Migration Planning

We can discover the relevant service alternatives or open-source options within your new cloud provider, also helping with cost estimations and architecture design.

Funding Requests

Our team works with the cloud provider to submit the
necessary documentation (such as High Level Designs and an SoW) to approve your migration funding.


Migration Implementation
and Post-migration Support Services

  • During the migration, we make it our mission to eliminate the downtime of services and migrate with minimal disruption to the end users.
  • Post-migration, we stick around to continue improving the environment in the new cloud provider and to support your internal team while they learn the new cloud.

Our Process

We Can Move from 1-5 Weeks, to Within 2-3
Understand Your Needs

We use an initial discovery call to understand the technical migration requirements, then start narrowing down the required budget and discussing funding options.

Outline Deliverables and Project Goals

To keep everyone on the same page, Opsfleet prepares a Statement of Work that includes the timeline and a High Level Design.

Submit Funding Requests

For specific migration initiates, we work with the cloud vendor to submit the funding request.

Review and Sign the Legal

After finalizing the agreement, it’s time to get sign off from all involved.

Project Kick-off

This is where our team does a deep dive, verifies access and gets your migration off to a smooth start.


Hire a Dedicated
DevOps Team

Schedule a call with a DevOps expert to get actionable tips on your cloud migration plans and learn how we can help.

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