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DevOps Engineer

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Combining an inclusive working environment with continuous professional development, we are dedicated to building a motivated and inspired team of experts.

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DevOps Engineer

We are a boutique cloud consulting company searching for senior DevOps engineers that are fed up with micro-management and want to join a growing remote team of 25+ DevOps engineers providing Kubernetes and cloud consulting services to mid-sized start-ups.

Although we are a services company, we manage long-term, ongoing, relationships with our clients. We don't believe in micro-management (and don't do time tracking) and expect our engineers to take ownership and be proactive and creative in their work.

In terms of technology, we mostly do cloud-related DevOps work. Our team is also very experienced with Kubernetes, with which we have been working since before it became production-ready and such a huge hit.

We are searching for engineers with good communication skills to help our clients:

  • Migrate from manual cloud configuration to infrastructure-as-code using tools such as Terraform, CloudFormation & AWS CDK
  • Dockerize applications and add Docker-related logic to existing build pipelines created with Github Actions, Gitlab, CircleCI, or Jenkins
  • Solve Kubernetes day-one challenges: set up K8s clusters on multiple cloud providers, configure baseline add-ons such as cluster-autoscaler, ingress controllers, Istio, and more.
  • Solve Kubernetes day-two challenges: package applications using Helm, advance CD using ArgoCD/FluxV2, perform cost reduction, assist with incidents resolution, etc.
  • Improve application observability using monitoring tools such as Prometheus and Grafana & Jaeger, and using advanced services like APM, RUM, and more.

Lastly, being on a team of 25+ senior DevOps engineers comes with its perks: you have always someone to learn from and who can assist if you've got a technical question or need a quick brainstorming. Feel free to reach out to us here if you're interested and want to hear more about the position. Talk soon!"

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