Where Do You Keep Your Kubernetes Secrets?

You are the guardian of the sensitive data your applications need, such as database passwords or access tokens. Could you do more to protect this information?

The Kubernetes ecosystem is complicated and provides many options for managing secrets. You’re looking for a solution that will:

  • Be easy to install and maintain
  • Integrate well with your specific Kubernetes installation and cloud provider
  • Have the security characteristics your product and team need

If you’re in the planning phases of a Kubernetes implementation or have already migrated but didn’t address the secrets-management aspect of your infrastructure just yet, this guide is for you!

Download the free guide to learn more about:

  • Quick-to-implement and easy-to-maintain approaches for your specific cloud provider
  • Which secrets-management tools work in a multicloud environment
  • How to integrate HashiCorp Vault with Kubernetes infrastructure (but also why it won’t necessarily improve your security)
  • When to consider using commercial Kubernetes security products

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