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Live Webinar

Cloud Production Readiness:

The DevOps Roadmap for
early-stage Startups

Date & Time: July 25th 16:00 BST

Building a secure and scalable Cloud Infrastructure is a huge engineering challenge for every startup.

The tasks are endless, and resources are limited, so how and where do you start your DevOps journey towards Production Readiness?

Join our webinar to gain our team's unique insights!

After helping dozens of early-stage startups design their DevOps roadmap and build high-standard cloud environments, our team has curated the ultimate DevOps playbook for success.

The webinar content will cover both a high-level overview and insights into the standard DevOps roadmap for Production Readiness, as well as quick wins, actionable advice, and recommended tools and solutions.

We will also cover the DevOps journey from Day 0 to Day 2 and how to evolve from each stage on a mindset and technical level.

So, suppose you're an engineering leader and looking to expand your knowledge on building secure, scalable, and cost-efficient, high-standard cloud environments. In that case, this event is perfect for you!

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Who Should Attend?

  • CTOs and Engineering leaders

  • DevOps or Infrastructure Team Leaders

Build secure, scalable and cost-efficient Cloud environments.

Strategize and Prioritize Infrastructure Projects

What You'll Learn

In this webinar, our experts will provide a high-level overview of the DevOps journey, share valuable insights, and provide a go-to guide for building and scaling high-standard cloud environments.

Moreover, you will receive practical advice, quick wins, recommended solutions and tools, and a production-readiness playbook checklist that you can immediately apply to your projects.


  • What does 'Production Readiness' mean?

  • Preparing Cloud Infrastructure

  • Preparing Monitoring

  • Preparing Security

  • Dev Velocity

  • Culture & Mindset Shift

  • Day 0 to Day 2

  • Recommended Tools and Solutions

  • Live Q&A session

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