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Why Consider Cloud Migration?

Moving your startup's infrastructure to the cloud a cost effective and flexible solution for scaling your IT operations. Even if you
are already running in the cloud, expanding your workloads beyond one single provider can introduce diversification, reduce the risk of vendor lock-in and ensure your startup can capitalize on the unique features and pricing models each provider offers.

Cost Eciency & Optimization

Costs can be optimized through pay-as-you-go models and the ability to scale resources up or down.Cloud providers often oer credit packages for new users, as well as programs to fund professional services.


Expanding beyond a single cloud vendor helps mitigate the risk of downtime, and allows you to take advantage of a much broader set of unique features, pricing structures and managed services.

Enhanced Security

By leveraging the robust security infrastructure and advanced measures provided by the cloud, you can enhance your company’s security, surpassing what many individual businesses can achieve on their own.

Access to Innovation

From machine learning to containers or serverless, cloud providers oer a vast array of innovative services — all of which are accessible from one single console, and easily integrated with one another. By utilizing the vast partners ecosystems, you can access trained talent to drive internal innovation at a much higher pace

What it Means to Partner With Us

From analysis to strategy to execution, we can help make your cloud migration a smooth move

We Are Multi-cloud Partners

Opsfleet are partners of AWS and Google Cloud, and have a proven track record of successful cloud migration projects involving both on-premise and complex cloud environments.

We Provide an A-Z Migration

We take full ownership of the migration process—from the planning phases, through vendor funding and approval, to implementation, testing and handover.

We Can Save You Money

We save you on migration costs by applying for vendor migration funding, and help your team with rightsizing to make sure you don't overspend once fully migrated and operational.

We Will Get You to Production Readiness

Once the migration is completed, we can stick around to continue and improve your infrastructure in areas like security, observability, dev velocity and cost optimisation.


How to Achieve Multi-Cloud Deployment:

A Client Success Story
and Migration Checklist

With Opsfleet's support, Codium.AI were able to move away from relying completely on Google cloud to achieve a multi cloud infrastructure. Funding was secured from AWS and the migration was quick with minimal disruption to the daily activities of the development team or for the end users.

To learn more about migrating with Opsfleet, download the Codium case study, complete with our in-depth migration checklist.

Download the Case Study and Checklist

What Our Customers Say

Ahmad Shams
DevOps Team Lead, DarioHealth Corp.

Opsfleet are optimal partner, they help us by providing experienced resources who were involved in 3 product line we have. Tech leaders at Opsfleet where also involved in different design decisions and we have bi-weekly meeting with them for updates on: design, challenges and employees issues.

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Meir Vaikselbom
CTO, Intelligo

Working with Opsfleet is the best thing that has happened to us since the invention of sliced ​​bread, we receive from them transparent and clear task management, and execution at the highest level.

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Oded Blayer
CTO / Co-Founder, Floodlight

Opsfleet has been our devops experts since before we launched publicly. They were able to quickly and with high quality build our production environment. David, their assigned expert is available and communicates well. A true pleasure to work with.

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Noam Rotem
CTO / Co-Founder, HyperGuest

Very professional and precise. From design to execution, highly recommended!

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Joseph Iris
Director Of ML Products,

10/10! Opsfleet were very professional and helped us add intricate tracing capabilities to our infrastructure.

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Eitan Gur

“We had stability issues in our deployment and build automation — we weren’t sure that each deployment would succeed. Opsfleet helped us solve our deployment problems by cleanly migrating our environment to Docker and Kubernetes.”

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Avi Juran
DevOps Team Lead, Buildots

“I’ve successfully worked with Opsfleet on many occasions in the past to solve Kubernetes-related and general AWS challenges. I trust their hiring skills and am happy to onboard their engineers with minimal interviews on my part.”

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Boaz Katz
Cofounder & CTO, Bizzabo

“After the migration project, we could update our uptime SLA from 99.95% to 99.98%. We saved around 30% in immediate cost reduction and could handle more than double the traffic on the same cost.”

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Eitan Yanovski
Cofounder & CTO, Optibus

“Opsfleet addressed my concerns, helping us devise a plan to teach the team members and involve them in the work so they would gain the hands-on experience needed to operate the new system in the future.”

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