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Do Your Existing Kubernetes Efforts Need An Extra Boost?

If you’ve migrated parts of your infrastructure to Kubernetes, you probably know that there is much more to Kubernetes than just plain vanilla.

I’ve heard the story before: moving to Kubernetes opened up a vast ecosystem of tools and capabilities, but you don’t quite have the resources to go full steam ahead.

Hire Us To Help You

Expand To More Regions

Need to get closer to a new market? We’ll help you expand your Kubernetes infrastructure to more regions or cloud providers.

Increase Monitoring Coverage

Are you missing the data necessary to quickly resolve issues? We’ll help you build meaningful monitoring dashboards that cover every layer of Kubernetes infrastructure. You’ll never need to debug blind again.

Improve Access Control

Does your team still use admin-level permissions for everything? We’ll help you create and enforce sane RBAC rules that match your team's size and needs.

Implement Service-Mesh

We’ll help you successfully integrate Istio into your production and dev environments.

Simplify Delivery Pipeline

We’ll help you reduce clutter in your CI/CD pipelines and help you move custom scripts to standard tools like Helm.

Onboard Your Data Team

We’ll help your data team build an effective workflow on top of Kubernetes with tools like Kubeflow.

Fixed Monthly Prices

We provide fixed monthly price packages, but we don’t expect a long-term relationship. We help you move important Kubernetes projects forward, and then we hand over your infrastructure keys.

Monthly prices range from $2,000 to $15,000, depending on project complexity and expected delivery speed. We’ll give you a budget estimate before moving forward.

** Kubernetes Power-Up does not include 24/7 support service. We do have options for on-call and off-hours availability, but these are priced separately.

It's Easy To Start Working With Us


Fill out the form below to schedule an introductory call with us. We'll make sure we're a good fit and verify our availability.


We'll send our legal agreement for review and then schedule a kickoff date.


You'll receive a PDF checklist of everything you'll need to give us access to before we start.


We'll have a remote working session to prepare a detailed action plan for the first two sprints (the two sprints take about a month total.)


We'll immediately get to work, keeping you updated in weekly status calls.​​