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Can opsfleet work remotely with a company where most employees work at a central office?

Yes! We have actually completed multiple successful Kubernetes projects working fully remotely.

We have a few tricks and tactics to help us move infrastructure projects forward even when we can’t assemble everyone involved into one physical room.

We always conduct weekly status meetings over Zoom. We use Zoom since it approximates face-to-face meetings better than any other application.

In addition to the weekly meetings, we also use Zoom to do remote hackathons where we split teams into small batches and work with each separately for a few hours, getting everyone on board with Kubernetes and related tools.

We also love Slack. Chances are that even if two people sit next to each other in the office, they still prefer to communicate over Slack. That’s the reality of today’s office life!

What are the benefits of opsfleet being a remote consulting company?

We can choose the best people from all over the world instead of hunting among local talent. We don’t want to compromise on quality, and we don’t have to.

Also, every office environment is different—some are noisy, while others are way too quiet and sterile. Since we all work from home, we aren’t affected by this and can maintain the same level of productivity for all our clients.

Because we aren’t sitting in the same room with your team, we also aren’t affected by any firefighting activities your team might go through (if you don’t want us to be involved directly).

As outside help, we can assist you in moving important projects forward without their being affected and slowed down by the day-to-day.

We’re based in Israel. Can opsfleet work from our offices?

We can do parts of the project, like hands-on training, from your offices; however, we’ll review this on a per-client basis.

Can you be available during our working hours? Isn’t the time-zone difference an issue?

We are spread across Israel, Russia, and Europe, and we’ve successfully worked with companies from Latin America, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

We have overlapping time zones in Europe and the US and can be flexible to accommodate as much synchronization as needed for every client.

How are you different from offshore teams?

We are a remote consulting company, not an offshore (or near-shore) staffing agency.

We don’t sell people per hour and leave you to figure out how to manage and communicate with them.Instead, we lead the project for you while embedding ourselves into your existing team.

We manage communication and project management during the entire project. That way you don’t need to worry about how to manage a new remote workforce with all its language and cultural differences.